Transportation from / to Split Airport

Transfers from Split Airport

Taxi from Split Airport

For those for whom bus transportation is not the most attractive solution, there is always a taxi option. This is of course a more expensive solution, but it certainly offers a certain dose of comfort.
Taxi fare from Split Airport to Split is approximately HRK 250

Private transfer

Split airport private transfers
Split airport private transfers

Private car transfer from Split airport to Split is HRK 250 – HRK 350 (depends on the size of vehicle).
If your destination is Makarska Riviera, Zadar or Pag, transfer prices can be seen here!

Uber or Bolt

Uber fare from Split Airport to Split is approximately HRK 225 for a car with a capacity of up to 4 persons and the price for a van (up to 7 persons) is approximately HRK 385. On the other hand, the Bolt ride (car up to 4 passengers) on the same route was 200 kuna.
In any case, keep in mind how these carriers are pricing according to current supply and demand, and they may be variable.

Ferry – catamaran

Ferry - catamaran from Split airport

Recently, from the airport to Split (and vice versa) you can also take a boat – a catamaran!

This represents a long-awaited and logical solution that, with one stroke, solves the problems of large seasonal congestion on the roads to Split Airport. From June 1st to September 1st, the catamaran operates 10 times a day and can accommodate 145 passengers in one tour. The best part is that the ticket price is not even that great, if you compare it to taxi fares. It is 99 Kuna, while rides for children up to 7 years are free.
You can see the catamaran sailing schedule here.

Local Bus

This is a cheapest form of transportation from the airport to the city center.

There are 3 bus routes, from which you can reach Split city. These are lines 37, 38 and the new line number 2.

Line 37 from Split is heading in the direction of Split-Airport-Trogir, and its schedule can be found here.

Local bus to Split airport, line 37
Local bus to / from Split airport, line 37

Furthermore, line 38 from Split is heading in the direction of Split-Kaštel Stari-Airport and its timetable can be seen here. For this line it is worth mentioning that it runs much less frequently than line 37 and several times in the day the final stop is not the Airport, but the Kaštel Stari.

Finally, there is a new Promet line 2, heading in the direction of Split-Poljička-Kaštel Sučurac-Airport. More about the new line 2 and its schedule can be found here. All of these lines have a bus terminal in Sukoišan for their starting point. Therefore, please note that this is not the same as the main bus station and is located approximately one kilometer from the city center.

If you decide to use the aforementioned lines for your departure from Split airport, you should definitely consider the following. The problem with this type of transportation lies in the fact that buses on these routes stop at multiple bus stops, and large crowds in the bus itself are not uncommon.

There is a bus stop close to the terminal building.
Ticket price: Airport to Split 17 kn; Airport to Trogir 13 kn .
Bus line: 37 (Split – Trogir, Trogir – Split), 38 (Split Airport – Kastel Stari – Split, Split – Kastel Stari – Split Airport),
2 (Airport – K. Sućurac – Split).
Operator: Promet, Split.

Shuttle Bus

Direct bus line, shuttle bus from Split Airport to Split main bus station.

Shuttle bus - Split Airport - Pleso Prijevoz
Shuttle bus from Split airport

The next most cost-effective solution to the problem of arriving at Split Airport is Shuttle Bus Transport organized by Pleso Transport Company. This is a direct line whose starting point is the Main Bus Station in Split, which is located in the immediate vicinity of the Riva and the railway station. You can check the Shuttle bus timetable here. If you are departing from the airport, this bus departs approximately 20 minutes after the aircraft landing.

One-way ticket costs 30 kuna and you can buy it on the bus. Finally, since this is a direct line without stopping on the way to Split, if you need to get out earlier, we recommend that you try to arrange this in advance with the driver.