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International traffic

Flight schedule for the next three days (June 26, 27 and 28, 2020)

June 26 2020
CarrierFromArrival TimeToDeparture Time
Croatia AirlinesMunich7:55 am
Croatia AirlinesMunich11:45 amZurich12:25 pm
TransaviaParis Orly12:50 pmParis Orly1:35 pm
CondorFrankfurt1:10 pmFrankfurt2:10 pm
SmartwingsPrague1:55 pmPrague2:40 pm
Croatia AirlinesZurich4:40 pm
Wizz AirLondon Luton8:45 pmLondon Luton9:25 pm

June 27 2020
CarrierFromArrival TimeToDeparture Time
Croatia AirlinesDusseldorf7:45 am
Croatia AirlinesMunich7:55 am
Scandinavian AirlinesStockholm Arlanda9:20 amStockholm Arlanda10:10 am
Scandinavian AirlinesCopenhagen11:15 amCopenhagen12:00 pm
Scandinavian AirlinesOslo11:25 amOslo12:15 pm
Croatia AirlinesMunich11:45 am
Croatia AirlinesDusseldorf12:20 pmFrankfurt1:00 pm
EurowingsDusseldorf12:25 pmDusseldorf1:05 pm
Croatia AirlinesFrankfurt1:05 pmBerlin Tegel1:45 pm
SmartwingsPrague1:50 pmPrague2:40 pm
TransaviaRotterdam2:20 pmRotterdam3:20 pm
Austrian AirlinesVienna2:25 pmVienna3:10 pm
Croatia AirlinesZurich3:50 pm
EurowingsCologne3:30 pmCologne4:10 pm
LufthansaMunich4:30 pmMunich5:15 pm
Wizz AirKatowice5:15 pmWarsaw5:50 pm
LufthansaFrankfurt5:40 pmFrankfurt6:25 pm
Croatia AirlinesBerlin Tegel5:55 pm
EurowingsStuttgart7:55 pmStuttgart8:30 pm
Croatia AirlinesZurich8:35 pm
Wizz AirWarsaw10:00 pmKatowice10:35 pm

June 28 2020
CarrierFromArrival TimeToDeparture Time
LuxairLuxembourg10:30 amLuxembourg11:15 am
EdelweissZurich1:20 pmZurich2:15 pm
CondorHannover1:35 pmHannover2:25 pm
SmartwingsPrague1:55 pmPrague2:40 pm
CondorFrankfurt2:05 pmFrankfurt3:05 pm
Air SerbiaBeograd2:35 pmBeograd3:20 pm
EurowingsHamburg3:10 pmHamburg3:45 pm
Croatia AirlinesRome3:55 pm
CondorDusseldorf4:15Dusseldorf5:05 pm
TransaviaParis Orly6:20 pmParis Orly7:05 pm
Croatia AirlinesRome7:15 pm